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  • functions as client’s headquarters: receives mail, email, phone calls, faxes
  • personally meets with members, board, vendors by appointment
  • manages day-to-day operations and correspondence with members, board, vendors
  • project management: creates, implements and records processes, timelines, deadlines
  • uses basic graphic design for flyers, mailers, brochures, memos, applications, forms, emails
  • contracts and manages outside vendors for specific projects, supplies
  • stores and monitors inventory of client collateral and gifts
  • utilizes 2007 Microsoft Office processing software
  • utilizes Pitney Bowes postage machine
  • utilizes Ring Central VOIP phone system with voicemail, fax, email capabilities

Executive Management

  • produces and distributes agendas for board of directors & committee meetings
  • writes and distributes minutes of board of directors/committee meetings
  • reviews, monitors and revises bylaws and association policies
  • performs strategic planning and provides ongoing guidance to board
  • conducts board of director elections
  • performs expense, insurance and organizational audits
  • creates, monitors and revises board member manuals of official documents
  • monitors and reports key metrics related to cash flow, member growth/retention data, marketing campaigns, etc.


  • maintains separate and confidential records for each client
  • establishes necessary bank accounts
  • establishes financial record keeping systems
  • collects and allocates funds to be deposited
  • collects and processes credit card payments
  • performs bank deposits
  • collects invoices to be paid
  • pays accounts payable
  • reconciles accounts
  • creates annual and multi-year budgets
  • creates cash flow projections
  • creates financial reports
  • assists preparation of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T and reports annual nonprofit organization filings
  • issues IRS Form 1099s
  • reconstructs financial books
  • utilizes QuickBooks Pro software for bookkeeping check writing
  • utilizes BillQuick software for time-tracking and invoicing purposes
  • client accounts are routinely reviewed by outside accountants

Member Services

  • establishes & maintains database of members, potential members, vendors, industry contacts, etc.
  • creates and sends invoices members for membership dues
  • receives and tracks payments made by members
  • develops and implements membership drives
  • produces membership roster
  • works with committees and volunteers
  • provides member mailing labels (both hard and electronic copies)
  • tracks pending legislation
  • creates and conducts membership surveys
  • database management of member and potential member records
  • utilizes Microsoft Access, Excel, ACT database or proprietary softwares as needed

Communications and Publications

  • writes, edits, layouts, prints & distributes newsletters
  • produces newsletters according to client’s schedule: weekly, quarterly
  • creates interactive email templates and campaigns including embedding links, photos, graphics, logos, etc.
  • creates memos for member welcomes, announcements, events, social media awareness, membership and benefit awareness
  • sells advertising space for publications and Web sites
  • sells seminar notes and publications
  • committed to public relations that serve the client’s best interests
  • utilizes outside vendors for mass-emailing and mass-faxing capabilities including listservs, Activecast and Constant Contact for timely correspondance
  • purchases and manages marketing and distribution lists from outside vendors
  • utilizes Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher desktop publishing softwares


  • contracts and manages outside vendors for technical expertise including timely response and troubleshooting
  • uses clients existing web service or can provide referrals
  • utilizes current website software, programs including Joomla, Sobi, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Java, etc.
  • maintains and updates articles, links, newsletters, member profiles, photos, events, flyers
  • manages redesign/upgrade process with vendor, suggests functionality improvements, works with committees and members for input

Event Planning, Educational Seminars and Implementation

  • executes contracts with hotels/restaurants for meetings with expertise in estimating expenses and venue guarantees
  • notifies members of meetings & announcements
  • receives reservations and payments for meetings
  • confirms receipt of reservations for meetings
  • creates attendee nametags
  • creates applicable handouts, flyers, basic signage
  • tracks member’s professional development credits
  • manages and processes certification or continuing education programs
  • greets, assists, introduces event speaker to staff, guests
  • utilizes a client-specific “emergency” box at events containing back-up supplies, a value-added service developed by experience

Social Media

  • Facebook, Linked In including Groups, Twitter, YouTube
  • blogs, listservs, newsletters, Constant Contact
  • generates content, links, photos
  • posts content to appropriate site as needed or directed
  • creates, implements specific campaigns to promote site, followers, likes


  • expands non-dues sources of revenue
  • plans, organizes and implements special events
  • plans, develops and implements fundraising drives/programs
  • researches and writes grants
  • conducts personal and company solicitations

Conference/Convention Services

  • makes and coordinates venue arrangements including guarantees
  • sells vendor booth space
  • creates a public relations plan to advertise convention
  • provides on-site registration & check-in services
  • produces and publishes convention proceedings


  • tracks member’s certification credits
  • schedules certification classes and orders manuals and exams
  • creates and delivers certificates of attendance by email or mail
  • assists with creation and implementation of program ensuring financial and member success

Government Relations

  • tracks and monitors pending legislation
  • devises and maintains grassroots contact programs


  • implements strategies to increase member networking at client events
  • access to professional networkers to serve as speakers or gain ideas
  • personally networks with associations and contacts within client’s industry to expand client awareness and influence
  • value-added service of extensive personal network for vendors, contractors, service providers to fulfill any need or service desired by clients
  • GAM facilitates business contacts for its clients that result in new business oppertunities for the members of GAM’s clients