Ms. Joanne Plummer
TACS Accounting Services
P.O. Box 4606
Palm Springs, CA 92263-4606
Phone: (800) 867-4829
Fax: (619) 323-3667
Email: joanne@tacs.biz

Basis for reference: Ms. Plummer has reviewed SEAOSC’s and ACISCC’s financial books for the past ten years and worked closely with Don Gilbert. Joanne Plummer of TACS Accounting Services wrote the following recommendation of Don Gilbert in SEAOSC’s annual audit:

There are no specific recommendations that we can offer, as an outside auditor. There are many suggestions that we have offered over the years to make the paper flow efficient and less time consuming. All of these suggestions have been put into process by Don Gilbert and many of his own time saving plans have been implemented.

It is the opinion of the examiner, the record keeping, under Don Gilbert’s management, continues to be exceptional and the financial systems in place are excellent and more than adequate to handle the internal and external reporting requirements of the Association. All financial data and reports have been carefully prepared, balanced and maintained.

Don Gilbert has risen to the challenge of the “computer age”. As you are all aware, he is bombarded with information from all media. He receives reservations for meetings and seminars, payment of dues, purchases of publications and other items via the internet, via fax, via phone and via mail. He has implemented computer generated reports to handle each quickly and efficiently, whether payments are made by cash, check, or credit card. His systems of are impressive and lane document tracking and balancing very simple. “Don Gilbert’s meticulous attention to detail and accuracy of reporting is admirable and to be highly commended. I’m sure that you’ll agree, that Don Gilbert and his fine staff are a great asset to the Association. He makes our annual task so much easier, as I’m sure his daily work makes it easier for everyone who needs information from the Association on a regular basis.”


Additional references are available upon request.