Current Clients:

  • Local Association of Environmental Management Professionals

This is a professional association of environmental managers and marketers.  GAM provides full-service and it has 65 members.

  • North Orange County, CA Charity

This Charity is located in Buena Park, CA and its mission is dedicated to alleviating poverty domestically and abroad through disaster relief, health and community development.  GAM consults on the Charity’s strategic planning, finances and the establishment of another, separate, nonprofit organization.

  • Charity Funding Water Wells

This Charity raises funds for the construction of water wells in Uganda, Africa and GAM provides full-service management.

  • City Property Owners Association

GAM provides management services to the owners of property in this city on an as-needed basis and functions as its headquarters.

Past Full-Service Clients:

  • A Regional Association of Structural Engineers

GAM assumed this account of professional structural engineers in 1993 after the previous management firm retired after 15 years with the Association. The transition was exceptionally smooth. Membership ranged from 1150 to 1900.

  • A National Association of Expert Witnesses

GAM was approached to assist in bringing this association into the next decade after their long-time and founding executive director retired.  Membership is currently 600 for this national association with 10 Chapters in 5 states.

  • Local Chapter of Building Officials

GAM currently provides headquarters and membership invoicing services for the Chapter’s membership and provided registration services in 2007for its educational seminars highlighting the new 2006 International Building Code for building officials.

  • Local Rotary Club

This Rotary Club decided to close their existing office and outsource the management of the Club in June 2008.  Membership was 275 and entailed a weekly newsletter.  Meetings were weekly for lunch.  GAM managed the Club until 2013.

  • Southern California Chapter of a Concrete Association

GAM was selected to perform the combined duties of executive director and administrator of certification programs in February 2000 after their executive director and certification administrator retired. Membership is 350.  Client moved their Chapter office to San Diego in 2009.

  • Statewide Association for Healthcare Quality

This client was a statewide association for healthcare professionals with a membership of 600 and a certification program.

  • Southern California Association of Franchisees for a Fast Food Restaurant

GAM was the Regional Administrator/Event Planner for this client from 2005 –2007.  Membership included 62 franchisees owning 180 stores and 70 industry vendors.  The position was eliminated due to the downturn of the economy.

  • Southern California Chapter of Corporate Counsel

This client was a professional association of in-house, corporate attorneys in Southern California. GAM was selected to be executive director in April 2000. Membership was 550 and grew to over 925. This client chose to use in-house staff rather than an association management company effective April 1, 2004.

  • Regional Special Inspectors Association

Client was formed in 1997 as a program of the Building and Construction Inspection Academy which was a California, non-profit, public benefit corporation.  GAM provided executive director and administration services since its inception. It disbanded in 2000.

Specific-Service Clients:

  • Statewide Association for Structural Engineers

GAM performed convention services for this client’s Convention in 1995, 1999, 2002, 2006 and 2010 when the regional association hosted the Convention every fourth year. GAM has provided administrative support, registration services and sold vendor booths for these Conventions.

  • Mentoring Program – Los Angeles

GAM performed registration services for the annual engineering and construction Mentor Banquet in May for the years 2003 through 2007.

  • National Structural Engineering Organization’s 2007 Congress

GAM provided administrative services and support for the Planning Committee of the client’s 2007 Congress held in May 2007 in Long Beach, CA.

  • Engineering Research Group

GAM provided seminar registration services in 1999 to this client for seminars cosponsored by Building Seismic Safety Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).