“Let’s survey the membership!”  I think I hear this statement about once a month.

Surveys have their place in membership associations as a tool to gather the demographics, mood and opinions of your members, when handled properly. However, members generally don’t take the time to answer them and usually you end up with a small sample size that statistically won’t tell you anything more than what you already knew.

In college (Advanced Marketing, thank you) I learned there is a science behind wording and ordering the questions. That’s why big marketing firms charge big dollars to do this for you. Luckily, there are several free services on the internet that allow you to create basic 10 question (or less) surveys with relative ease. I prefer Zoomerang.com.

If your volunteer wants to create a survey, don’t squash his enthusiasm, but encourage him to read this post from Zoomerang covering tips on question types and answer choices. Please. Your leadership will thank you when the survey results in useful data!